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fooSis is the Open Source Systems Integration services division of fooServ. fooSis has single point objective of enabling companies leverage Open Source technologies in IT deployment in business functions. Large corporate who have heavy investments in Commercial Technology solutions suffer from expensive scalability; pains of vendor lock-in and sluggish Tech upgrade/ transformations. On the other hand SMEs have always been deprived of leveraging Business Process Reengineering solutions, CRM or ERP deployments for gaining traction owing to expensive commercial products for doing such Tech implementations. Open Source technologies (Both Free Open Source as well as Commercial Open Source) bring opportunities for both Large and Small companies to leverage such Strategic IT decisions at a lower cost, faster adoption, and agile customization.

Under fooSis we typically provide solutions for Knowledge Management, CRM, ERP, CMS and Ecommerce using leading Open Source technologies from Atlassian, SugarCRM, OpenERP, OpenBravo, Hippo, Alfresco, Pentaho and many more.

Being a Product organization in the fast-paced Enterprise Mobility market we have found your services very adaptive, quality driven, dependable, transparent and sensitive to our pressing release deadlines. Your attention to detail and knowledge towards multi-platform security challenges has enabled us in shaping up our Product into a competitive offering. Thanks for understanding our needs and fulfilling them just-in-time.

V Raina
Program Manager,
Leading Enterprise Mobility Product