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fooServ is a leading provider of digital publishing services to help media companies market and distribute print materials in easy-to-read digital formats. Our Digital Publishing service called fooMedia assists Publishers in creating online magazines, digital magazines or e-magazines to gain wider reach. Catalog Publishers gain by converting their printed catalogs into digital catalogs. Even the entities with interest in Travel and Tourism gain by reaching out to a wider customer base using our convenient and seamless way of porting their printed content into high-quality online versions. Corporate marketing professionals benefit by avoiding repeated printing & distribution costs by creating electronic versions of their brochures and other marketing materials using our professional Digital Publishing services. 

fooMedia is dedicated to expanding the reach and effectiveness of the world's leading magazine, catalog, travel and corporate publishers by delivering an exciting and convenient multi-platform reading experience to people world-wide. Companies gain by getting the content in digital form and deliver it on multiple platforms like web, hand-held devices, mobile phones and eBooks.

We use latest technologies and support all platforms including iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, and a wide range of Mobiles devices.

We have expertise on upcoming Adobe Digital Publishing Suite using which Publishers can supplement their designs with interactive content, allowing their audience to view media in an entirely different way. Customers can use hand gestures like pinch and zoom to flip through a slideshow, pan images, rotate objects 360 degrees and more. 

We also have strong experience and expertise on EPUB creation from any source of content like MS Word, PDF, Quark Document, and InDesign Document etc. 


Being a Product organization in the fast-paced Enterprise Mobility market we have found your services very adaptive, quality driven, dependable, transparent and sensitive to our pressing release deadlines. Your attention to detail and knowledge towards multi-platform security challenges has enabled us in shaping up our Product into a competitive offering. Thanks for understanding our needs and fulfilling them just-in-time.

V Raina
Program Manager,
Leading Enterprise Mobility Product