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Multiplatform Content Provisioning
The newest business segment of fooMedia, New Media Content's objective is to create a 360° value chain of content offering across Digital TV, Mobile and Internet broadcast platforms. Continuing media convergence and technology advancement are providing consumers with multiple access points to rich content, satisfying their needs anytime, anywhere and not just through their TV sets. From watching live TV on their mobile to catching up on news via video over the Internet, content is readily accessible 24/7.

Great content has always been "king" in the media food chain, with the latest technology meaning that consumers can now have more choice and access than ever before, coupled with an array of valued added interactive services. fooMedia is currently working with Cable operators in India to supply localized and fully approved quality content. Categories include movies, drama, animation, history, education and general lifestyle programming.

Digital Publishing
fooMedia is dedicated to expanding the reach and effectiveness of the world's leading magazine, catalog, travel and corporate publishers by delivering an exciting and convenient multi-platform reading experience to people world-wide. Companies gain by getting the content in digital form and deliver it on multiple platforms like web, hand-held devices, mobile phones and eBooks.

We develop custom solutions and system integration around leading publishing software’s like Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, QPS, InDesign Server etc.

Social Media
fooMedia has strong focus on Social Media adoption and Social Networking solutions leveraging latest Web 2.0 technologies. We have used PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, .NET and Java for web technologies, but that’s not all, our mobile developers (iPhone, Blackberry and Google Android) had lots of fun integrating Facebook, Twitter into several solutions we have developed.
Under fooMedia’s Social Media offering, we provide the following value-based services to our customers:
  Social media application development / management
  API Integration to an existing application
  Online Community Development
  Facebook Application Development
  Linkedin, Twitter, OpenSocial Integration
  Social Media Analytics
  Media Aggregation: Video, Mobile, Social Media convergence & porting